How to Dress to School as an Adult Learner

As you stroll across campus, you meet students who are the same age as your children or perhaps your grandchildren. As much as you wish to fit in, wearing what they wear is not the way. Check out these dressing ideas if you’re going to save yourself the embarrassment.

1. Don’t expose too much skin

You probably wore miniskirts every day the last time you were in college. Even if your legs are still hot for the minis, they will make you look like a cougar on campus. Well, if you feel the urge to rock a miniskirt, go for something that is knee-length. The same goes for low-rise jeans and tops that show too much cleavage. Remember that wearing decently not only ensures your comfort but also helps you maintain a good reputation.

2. Avoid wearing pajamas to school

It is good to feel comfortable, but do not surpass the limits. Pajamas are comfortable to rock but don’t wear them to school unless you are studying online. If you wish to be viewed seriously, the image pajamas create will not get you there.

3. Don’t try looking 16 by wearing up-to-the-minute fashion

You do not have to stick to polyester and sensible shoes, but wearing clothes that are meant for youngsters yet you are in your 40s will only earn you pitiful looks. You might even hear people whisper “poor thing.” Nobody wants that. You can look stylish by going for clothes that match your age.

4. Avoid overdoing your makeup

Green eye shadow rocks. However, if you decide to go with screaming colors on your eyelids, keep the rest of the makeup light. You might be feeling the pressure to look beautiful like the younger campus ladies. It is not wrong to wear makeup, just don’t go beyond. Stay simple, and you will be surprised by how good-looking and confident you will become.