Four Speed Reading Secrets for Adults Students

If you are considering going back to school as an adult, one of your biggest concerns is how to put up with new learning techniques. You are probably wondering how you will find time to read yet your schedule is already extremely busy. Well, there is no need to postpone your dreams because you fear you might not do well. Here are speed reading secrets that will help adult learners to perform exemplary.

1. Hold the reading material at a 30-degree angle

Hold the book or whatever material you are reading at a 30-degrees angle. Avoid placing the book flat on a desk or table. Experts say that reading from flat material damages the retina and results in eye fatigue. If you read that way for two hours, you are likely to experience eye irritation.

2. Move your head left to right while studying

You are probably wondering why this tips is on this list. Scientific evidence has shown that moving your head back and forth slightly when studying helps stabilize the images on the retina. It is known as the vestibule-ocular reflex. The strategy will also help you read phrases and not just individual words. The secret of reading many words at a go is widening your vision by using the marginal vision. This practice will raise your speed from 200 to 2,500 words per minute.

3. Believe

The mind is far more dominant than many people assume it is. If you trust you can do something, you will do it. Use optimistic self-talk to encourage yourself. Here are some affirmations you can try:

l Every day I am speed learning faster, and getting better

l I let go my past beliefs on how easily I can read and remember

4. Read using a pointer

Consider using a laser, pen or any kind of pointer. When you do this, your secondary vision will capture six words on both sides of the pointer. That will allow you to go through a sentence quickly than reading one word at a time. The indicator will also help you to focus your attention on the page and helps form a pace.